About GSFC

GSFC stands for Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals limited. It is a vast unit made for manufacturing fertilizers and chemicals. Which was formed 1967 in Vadodara in the state of Gujarat. GSFC develops the wide range of solution for crops which provides nutrition to them. Hence, its playing a vital role for increasing ample of food production for India’s food security. GSFC is very much concentrated on manufacturing products by an eco friendly process where the care is taken that it does not harm environment, conveying good returns to humanity.


GSFC had come out as the top emerging industries in the state of Gujarat and had also proved its longer duration valued establishment. It proves very helpful for assisting farmers for adopting smart farming as per climate and also providing their products and services. With its commendable job in this sector has brought a revolutionary change and had set manufacturing standards.

Glancing GSFC

Growth story from 2002 to 2014 – It is very rightly said that for reaching on the top position it is good to come some steps towards backward position. Same is the case with GSFC, it had suffered a difficult phase from around 1999 to 2001. This was the face when it had overcome from every small to big challenges at this stage it was also facing a financial crunches.

This story had taken a turn when the Hon. Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi involved and had taken some bold decisions regarding companies’ policy and strategies to improve and at the same time increase the productivity of the industry. From here this industry got a graph which always went in upward direction in every aspects and it never looked back again. Govt. of Gujarat had also played an important role in success story of GSFC by supporting, till it gained its own self sufficiency. Another big advantage was easy accessibility of natural gas in the state of Gujarat by GSPC, GAIL and Gujarat Gas.

These are the factors GSFC had became a financially strong and stable industry in very short span of time. The debt repayments were planned till 2013 but GSFC succeeded in completing it in 2006. This company was emerging very fast and sooner it entered in its second green revolution by encouraging agricultural growth with the help of supplying bio-technology and bio-fertilizers products. The company was also successful in spreading the advantages of drip irrigation among farmers. It also played a vital role for the growth and prosperity of farmers here by providing them all the beneficial products, services and information.

In the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi they achieved the highest profitable turn over that was around Rs.759 crores in the year 2011 to 2012. GSFC expanded in chemicals also. This resulted not only in domestic institutional shareholders but also in foreign institutional shareholders.

Inside GSFC

Foundation of GSFC

GSFC was integrated in the year 1962. This industry went into the manufacturing of fertilizers in 1967. This was a first Indian industry to establish a joint venture. It was also first Indian company to establish their plant in just 2 years span by getting all the mandatory permission. The one industry who given importance in involving direct as well as active participation of farmers.

Diversification of GSFC

The basic aim of GSFC was to provide all the necessary fertilizers and services to the farmers in Gujarat state and make Gujarat a self-sufficient state in terms of all the agro based fertilizers. But analyzing the market well in time they diversified their section in industrial chemicals and was indeed proved to be a good decision by GSFC.

Products in GSFC

Assimilation of various technologies and with luminous inventive technology makes sure that all the
Products manufactured here touch all the stride of life. From major to minor consumers, GSFC continues to satisfy every fold as per the market needs. GSFC is well known for its superior quality of products today and also is ISO 9001 certified. GSFC consider in providing best of its significant products for customers money. They also believe in continuous improvement of the product and value addition in it.

GSFC provides services in agricultural sector (AD & AS) and industrial sector (ADC) to distribute the most up-to-date technical knowledge for the proficient use of their products.

Sardar Package from GSFC

Major Products of GSFC are:

Anhydrous Ammonia,
Sulphuric Acid,
Ketoxime, and

Fertilizers in GSFC are:
Di-Ammonium Phosphate,
Ammonium Sulphate,
APS – 20:20:0:13,
Water soluble fertilizer,
Micro mix, and

Agro Products in GSFC are:
Sadaramin Granules/liquid,
Plant Tissue Culture,
Seeds, and
Sardar Nirmal

Future Projects by GSFC

GFSC has come up with some of the very interesting projects.

The future on hand projects of GSFC are:

DAP/NPK Train 4 at Sikka expected capacity of this project is 5 lakh MTPA
Nylon-6 at Vadodara expected capacity of this project is 15000 MTPA
Water Soluble Fertilizers at Vadodara expected capacity of this project is 20000 MTPA

Some projects under consideration of GSFC are:
Phosphoric Acid at Sikka with expected capacity of 1.65 lakh MTPA
Sulphuric Acid at Sikka with expected capacity of 6 lakh MTPA
Amonia at Dahej with expected capacity of 7.26 lakh MTPA
Urea at Dahej with expected capacity of 10 lakh MTPA

Plants inside GSFC

Agro Services in GSFC

Agro Services are more committed towards rural areas for their prosperity. The agro services are conducted for Agrinet, Micro irrigation, Farm Youth training programme, Crop Demonstration, Krishi Jivan, Horticulture Department and Soil testing Lab.

Green Initiatives for GSFC

To safeguard our environment so that it does not affect the chain of natural ecosystem green initiatives for GSFC is very important and to apply this with as accuracy as the products they deliver there are several initiatives are made and followed in GSFC.

Registration in GSFC

There are several registration steps through which the contractor has to go to make his registration. This process also demands for some documents. Same ways there is different process carried out for the registration for suppliers.

Contact GSFC
Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.
P.O. Fertilizernagar
 Vadodara - 391 750
Phone no.: 0265 224 2451 / 0265 224 2651 / 0265 224 2751
0265 224 0966 / 0265 224 0119
Email: info@gsfcltd.com
Website: http://www.gsfclimited.com/

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